Opening of our “Crypto Culture” exhibition

Our exhibition “Crypto Art and Crypto Culture” has been inaugurated yesterday with a well visited event in Buenos Aires

More than 400 people gathered at the Espacio Cultural Bitcoin yesterday (November 9th) for a warm-up event of the Latin American Bitcoin Conference, which was also the opening of our exhibition Crypto Art and Crypto Culture.

Espacio Cultural Bitcoin is a four story building in the centre of Buenos Aires that has been serving as a hub for the crypto community in the Argentine capital for more than seven years. It hosts meetups, workshops and art exhibitions as well as the offices of several crypto companies.

The exhibition consists of more than 50 artworks which represent crypto culture: memes like HODL, Honey Badger or “To the Moon!” which so far only crypto fans understand. It also shows portraits of crypto pioneers such as Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik Buterin and the founders of Labitconf, Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar and Rodolfo Andragnes.

The dress code at Labitconf: two coloured shoes – here worn by Pepe Guillera from Guatemala and me. It is one of the elements of crypto culture that is also featured in the exhibition. Rodolfo Andragnes invented this strange habit and even gives free Labitconf tickets to people who dress like this at other crypto conferences.

There were several talks and panels about Bitcoin, smart contracts and crypto art at the event, as well as musical performances, drinks and snacks at the rooftop. The exhibition will run for another two weeks, so if you happen to be in Buenos Aires for Labitconf, you may visit it for free at Espacio Cultural Bitcoin, Marcelo T. de Alvear 405.

By Aaron Koenig