Crypto Art Workshop at Espacio Cultural Bitcoin Buenos Aires

On Tuesday, November 15th, we will organise a workshop for art professionals at Espacio Cultural Bitcoin in Buenos Aires. The speakers will be:

Aida Pippo, an Argentinian artist who organised the Premio B-Arte competition at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference. As she did it the second time, we are curious how she sees the development in crypto art.

Paula Woscoboinik, an Argentinian artist who also runs a gallery called Wosco Art. From her we want to know if crypto really “kills the gallery star” as an artwork by Mexican crypto artist Moxarra famously states.

Gus Grillasca, a Mexican artist and software developer, will give a basis introduction on crypto art and NFTs. As he has been in the crypto art movement since 2016, he will also talk about its development over the years.

Matias Albaca, COO of the new art platform Carnaval, will talk about the crypto art market and how it is developing after the end of the big NFT hype of 2021.

Places are limited, so please register here.