Crypto Art & Crypto Culture

Crypto enthusiasts use many memes and funny expressions that you only understand if you have been around in the crypto space for a while – things like HODL, Honey Badger, When Lambo?, To the Moon!, Alpaca Socks and many others.

This exhibition shows artworks that play with these memes and expressions of crypto culture. In the book that goes with the exhibition they are explained in an easily understandable way. Therefore this exhibition is not only for crypto and art lovers, but for everyone.

It consists of these three video loops:

Screen One, horizontal, 6:36
All horizontal artworks of the exhibition (except 21 Heads), both videos and stills.

Screen Two
, vertical, 3:06
All vertical artworks of the exhibition, both videos and stills.


Screen Three, horizontal, 6:06
The series 21 Heads (portraits of crypto pioneers), stills with text.


Eye catchers at the entrance of the exhibition room: Four examples of the 21 Heads series, 21 x 21 inch each, printed on canvas.
appy miners”, 30 x 30 inch, printed on canvas.

In addition to the exhibition there can be talks by artists, workshops and panels. After its premiere in Buenos Aires, the exhibition will go on tour and be shown in various cities in the Americas and Europe.