Crypto Art Show, Miami Blockchain Week

The second episode of our video show Café Moonmartre is a short report of the Crypto Art & VR Show which took place in Miami during Miami Blockchain Week on January 29th, 2021. This event at the Bitmining Market in Wynwood featured an introduction to crypto art by Johnny Dollar, an exhibition of portraits of crypto pioneers by Max Cryptohead, a talk about Virtual Reality and a VR exhibition.

Interview with Gus Grillasca

For the first episode of our video show Café Moonmartre we have interviewed the Mexican crypto artist Gus Grillasca. He has been involved in the international crypto art movement for some years. Besides creating his own artworks, he also gives talks and seminars about crypto technology and crypto art. In this interview he presents some of his own works and speaks about how NFTs improve the situation of artists.